Zoominfo Upgrades Its Data Platform With Artificial Intelligence

Zoominfo has launched an AI-driven strategic initiative that it says will provide B2B brands with go-to-market intelligence.

The enhanced platform allows sales and marketing teams to compare marketing intelligence provided by Zoominfo with their customer database, states Henry Schuck, founder and CEO of ZoomInfo. It will also improve their productivity, the firm says.

The new release features AI-enhanced versions of two current  Workflows and InboxAI.



Workflows now allows users to trigger actions based on real-time data updates, the company claims.

And InboxAI, a sales communication tool within a user’s email inbox that syncs with the company’s CRM, allows for greater visibility into internal and external interactions with accounts, it says.

In addition, AI technology has been integrated into the firm’s Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) tool. This identifies and provides input into the accounts that are most likely to close, Zoominfo continues.

B2B brands can utilize 15,000 company data points to create their own ICP. These points range from company size and location to whether the firm has a mobile app or has hired a new CFO in the last six months.  

ZoomInfo contends that AI has entered a phase of enterprise practicality.

Zoominfo Powered by DiscoverOrg is a platform for over 13,500 firms worldwide, the company says.  

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