'The Boston Globe,' Newlab Partner To Develop Data-Driven Tools

The Boston Globe and technology platform Newlab have teamed up to support the development of new data-driven AI-based tools through the Newlab Venture Studio.

The tools will be used to bring news to information deserts and democratize knowledge.

The first company to emerge from the alliance is Applied XLabs.

Applied XLabs will collaboratively develop new technologies that provide insights from large datasets and drive audience engagement by targeting specific reader interests. Applied XLabs’ work will focus on creating quality content at scale through data-driven editorial and product strategies.

Heading the new studio is computational journalist Francesco Marconi, who will serve as Newlab’s senior vice president of AI and data. Prior to his work with Newlab, Marconi held the role of research and development chief at The Wall Street Journal. He also led AI strategy at the Associated Press.



“The Boston Globe is partnering with the Applied XLabs venture that Francesco Marconi has built out of Newlab to use AI to augment their existing products and capabilities. This partnership offers the Boston Globe an opportunity to leverage AI throughout our business to automate operations, drive decision-making and personalize the consumer experience,” stated Vinay Mehra, president of TheBoston Globe.

The studio utilizes technologists, academic institutions, corporate partners and public-sector leaders to transform markets.

“AI-based technologies are changing the way information is sourced and, more fundamentally, the way we communicate,” Marconi stated. “We have a responsibility to advance machine learning and natural language processing tools for the benefit of society.”

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