'Travel+Leisure' Launches Pro-Vacation #TakeYourDays Campaign

Travel + Leisure wants to help readers use their vacation leave with a new campaign called #TakeYourDays.

The Bermuda Tourism Authority is the campaign’s launch sponsor.

The campaign, which features content across digital, social and print, was inspired by data claiming 55% of the U.S. workforce doesn’t use all their vacation days.

Visitors to the #TakeYourDays content hub will find vacation-planning tips, wellness information and destination guides covering day, weekend and weeklong trips in articles such as “8 Steps to Making Lasting Life Changes on Your Next Vacation” and “10 Life-Changing Wellness Trips to Take in 2020.”

“What we’re addressing is an issue of self-care. #TakeYourDays is about exploring how and why vacations are good for you and those around you. We want to give people a better understanding of why it’s important to get away from their everyday routines and to provide solutions for making it happen — whether it’s a trip of a lifetime or a cozy staycation,” stated Travel+Leisure EIC Jacqui Gifford.



“We’re launching now to encourage people to plan ahead and avoid feeling they can’t squeeze it all in at the end of the year.”

According to a post associated with the campaign, taking paid vacation days results in higher work performance, better pay and a refreshed workforce.

Conversely, a Harvard Business Review and U.S. Travel Association study showed workers who take fewer than 10 vacation days a year stood a one-in-three chance of a raise or bonus over a three-year period, compared to those who took more than 10 days, with a two-in-three chance.

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