Kind's Equality Bar Supports ERA Passage

Kind Healthy Snacks has debuted a limited-edition Equality snack bar along with a partnership with the Resistbot messaging platform to generate support for Congressional passage of the nearly century-old Equal Rights Amendment.

The campaign comes in the walkup to International Women’s Day on Sunday.

The caramel almond and sea salt Equality bar is only available online from the company’s website until March 31.

“We will be promoting Kind Equality on all of our social media channels…as well as through select social influencers,” Kind chief of staff Elle Lanning tells Marketing Daily.

All proceeds from the sale of Equality go to the Alice Paul Institute -- a nonprofit that promotes gender equality -- with a minimum donation of $10,000.



Resistbot is a free messaging service founded in early 2017 in the aftermath of the presidential election of Donald Trump. When Resistbot receives a text with a message for a politician, it determines who represents the sender in Congress or their state legislature and relays the message by email, fax or postal letter.

With Kind's s Equality Bot, people who share their home address can text “Pass the ERA” to 50409 to sign Kind’s collective petition, which is then sent to the appropriate governors, state senators and state legislatures.

For every person who shares proof of signing the petition on Twitter and tags @kindsnacks until March 31, Kind will donate an additional $1 to the Alice Paul Institute, with a maximum additional donation of $20,000.

First proposed nearly a century ago, the Equal Rights Amendment needed 38 states to ratify it before it could become law. That was achieved in January in Virginia.

However, the final time limit for ratification was June 30, 1982. The U.S. House of Representatives voted last month to remove that time limit, but the U.S. Senate has yet to do so.

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