This Time, We're Indexing You

Since we originally launched this blog with a real-time data tracking index -- the now dormant RTB500 -- MediaPost has collaborated with a variety of sources capable of producing unique views of the advertising and media marketplace. Today, we are launching one that is a little more self-reflecting: an index of the key words and phrases Madison Avenue is most interested in.

The index, which tracks a composite of both the top brand marketing organizations, as well as the top ad agencies, is powered by Bombora, which specializes in helping companies understand the intent signals -- especially intent "surges" -- taking place inside other companies utilizing a proprietary method of domain tracking applied to its own taxonomy of interest.

Over the last several months, MediaPost began collaborating with Bombora to create a dynamic weekly index representing a snapshot of the interests and intent surges of the leading national advertisers and ad agencies.

Click on and scroll through various words and phrases and you'll get the idea, such as the ebb and flow of interest surrounding "ad blocking" depicted below.

We'll begin tracking and reporting on meaningful spikes and deviations of interest as they become apparent over time.

As always, I welcome an comments, observations or suggestions at

The index below is live and dynamic. Click on various composites and key words and phrases to visualize brand marketer and/or agency topics interest and intent signals.

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