Blaze Verify Forms Email List Cleaning Partnership With Stream

Stream, an API feed and chat builder, is partnering with Blaze Verify to provide email verification to users of its Combase chat product.

Combase provides real-time chat, user management tools and UI/UX, Stream says on its website. 

Blaze Verify’s email list cleaning service is now “a critical piece of that total solution,” states Thierry Schellenbach, CEO of Stream.

Among other things, the arrangement will help Stream’s Combase users improve deliverability and ROI from email marketing campaigns, Blaze Verify claims. In addition to email verification of factors such as gender and name, Blaze Verify tracks the health of a brand’s data, the firm says.

“It’s essential that businesses regularly clean their lists and remove bad email addresses,” states Sean Heilweil, CEO of Blaze Verify.

Last month, Blaze Verify announced a similar partnership with Sendlane, an email marketing automation tool.






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