LiveRamp and Jivox Partner On Cookie-Less Personalization

LiveRamp and Jivox IQD are working on an integration that they say will help brands provide a personalized experience across channels without using cookies. 

The arrangement will combine LiveRamp’s consent and preference management, identity platform and deterministic identity graph with Jivox’s anonymous ID and online first-party data. 

The goal is to “deliver customized web and mobile experiences, where consumers maintain transparency and control of their data in exchange for relevant content and offers,” states Anneka Gupta, president and head of products and platforms at LiveRamp. 

Gupta add, ““As we prepare the ecosystem for a cookie-less world, we’re partnering with companies, like Jivox, on the future of addressability.” 

According to LiveRamp, clients can now: 

  • Resolve online and offline data with IdentityLinks without third-party cookies while remaining privacy-compliant.
  • Utilize first-party user data to deliver personalized content across devices and channels. 
  • Build campaign ROI by tracking the purchase journey and conversion metrics of consumers.
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