Weather Channel Adds Science Information For Schoolkids At Home

News networks are not only covering COVID-19, they are coping with changing program realities.

The Weather Channel is doing its part with education content geared to millions of kids at home, given school closures. To promote science, TWC is offering quick bites of key information.

At :50 past the hour during live shows, TWC will supply educational shorts on a variety of topics, such as how soap protects against germs, with meteorologist Jen Carfago, known as the “Dewpoint Diva,” to what causes the wind to blow with Kelly Cass, TWC’s on-air meteorologist.

Nora Zimmett, EVP and Chief Content Officer, The Weather Channel, told Television Daily News the target is “students from elementary school through college. The content is about three-to-six minutes per hour.” She adds TWC will continue to offer the vignettes “as long as there is a need and our audiences continue to want it.”



To signal its new educational programming, The Weather Channel released three PSAs yesterday that separated myths about COVID-19 from reality. For example, they noted cold weather won’t stop the virus, nor will eating garlic.

“As millions of learners are home due to the COVID-19 crisis, The Weather Channel wants to help by continuing its mission to educate and inform. For nearly 40 years, the network has strived to help make Americans smarter about weather and science,” Zimmett explained to TVND.

“We feel we have a unique opportunity to be helpful to families by supplementing their science curriculum,” she noted.



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