Agency Launches Campaign In Support Of Mom Influencers

Brands and female influencers have had a mutually beneficial relationship. Brands have relied on influencers to get the word out about their products. Today few campaigns launch without some sort of social media component. 

At the other side, many women — particularly moms — have used the financial support gained from these relationships to build careers. 

Now, this partnership has eroded sharply because of COVID-19. A BSM Media survey of more than 25,000 mom influencers finds that 90% report brands have canceled some of their campaigns. A similar percentage (85%) claim more than half of the campaigns they were scheduled to do this month have been canceled.

And 86% said they'd reduce their typical rates for social posts to get campaigns back on track. 

“I just got a pitch from a toy company’s PR firm offering moms free games,” says Maria Bailey, founder, BSM Media, which specializes in marketing to moms and families. “That’s great and very timely. However, this is the same agency and brand that a week ago would have been hiring mom influencers to post about their games. Unfortunately mom bloggers can’t live on board games alone.”



Now, BSM Media is hoping to rally brands and agencies to recognize and support mom-owned businesses through the #BrandsSupportingMoms initiative.

The call-to-action asks brands to reallocate some of their budgets currently slated for back-to-school and the holiday season to create new influencer programs that are relevant right now. In addition, the project encourages agencies to reduce their fees, as BSM is doing, so that a greater portion of budgets can go toward engaging more influencers and bloggers.

Influencers are already attempting to raise awareness on their own. Several members collectively partnered to launch the #BrandsSupportingMoms hashtag to applaud and thank brands supporting moms both professionally and personally during this time. These brands have included Entenmann’s Little Bites, HP Instant Ink and Little Tikes. 


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