Don't Email This Friday Or Easter Sunday, Worldata Calendar Suggests

Want to know the best days to send B2C emails?

Don’t send them tomorrow — Friday, April 10 — or on Sunday the 12th, Wednesday the 15th or Monday the 27th. 

Sunday the 12 makes sense — it’s Easter. And April is both the second day of Passover and Good Friday. But Monday the 27th? 

Don’t argue — those are the recommendations in Worldata’s Email Marketing Calendar, based on ongoing research of 40,000 campaigns and 6 billion transmitted messages. They have been updated to reflect the current situation, the firm says.

The top-performing B2C mailing dates for the rest of April are Thursday the 16th, Tuesday the 21st, Wednesday the 22rd, Tuesday the 26th and Wednesday the 20th, the report says.   

The interim dates are seen as average-performing.

The top-performing B2B mailing dates for the rest of April are Thursday the 16th, Saturday the 18th, Tuesday the 23rd, Sunday the 26th and Wednesday the 20th.

Poor-performing dates include Sunday the 12th, Monday the 23rd, Friday the 24th and Monday the 27th.

May Day — a Friday — is good for both B2B and B2C.



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