Quick Base Adds Drag-and-Drop To Workflow Platform

Quick Base has added a drag-and-drop integration feature to its low-code workflow platform, using Pipelines, a technology resulting from its acquisition of Cloudpipes last year.

The feature is helping clients with their email marketing.

“We have struggled with maintaining our database for email outreach—in general, we do not do a lot of mass emails, but when we do, it involves pulling together multiple spreadsheets and we end up with high bounce rates, duplicate data and other problems,” states Ivan J. Weiss, executive vice president & COO of food service firm elite | studio e.

Weiss adds, that "with Pipelines, we easily synced our contact database to our email marketing platform — it worked flawlessly, and we were able to share updates related to COVID-19 within 15 minutes, something that usually would have taken a few days.”

The new function enables users to connect data across several cloud and on-premise solutions, including HubSpot, Dropbox and DocuSign, and build automated workflows for repetitive tasks, the company says. 



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