B2B Straight Talk: Buyers Want Clear Email Messages During Pandemic, Study Shows

There have been plenty of commentaries on how consumers are reacting to COVID-19. But how are B2B buyers faring?

Only so-so, judging by B2B Buyer Sentiments, a study by revenue performance consultancy LeadMD.

Over half are still buying, and only a fifth are pessimistic about their company’s future. But they want straightforward messaging that addresses their needs rather than long emails about a brand’s values.

As one respondent says: “I am tired of hearing about COVID. Just tell me about you and how you will help my business.”

Despite their optimism, B2B businesses apparently have been hit hard by the pandemic. In response, they have:

Changed in-person events to digital events — 59%

Cut costs — 52%

Reduced marketing/advertising spend — 42%

Stopped making large purchases including software — 41%

Layoff and/or staff furloughs — 37%

Ramped up spending because we have an opportunity to sell more — 8% 



Still, they are buying. Of the companies polled, 22% are continuing searches that started prior to the pandemic. 

Another 31% have launched searches since the pandemic started. In addition,26% have had to stop purchases to cut costs,  and 21% had no purchases they were considering

Should you be marketing at all? Buyers say:

  • Yes, business has to go on — 56%
  • I guess so, but I wish they were more sensitive — 26% 
  • No, they should be doing less marketing right now — 15% 
  • No, they should stop efforts altogether — 4% 

Let’s say you’re preparing an email campaign to reach your B2B customers. Don’t waste words. Here’s what they want to hear: 

  • How I can get the most out my current solutions — 44%
  • How they’re providing support to customers in these unusual times — 26% 
  • What I can purchase that will help me be more effective, given the changing economic situation — 16%
  • Nothing — I’m too distracted to pay attention anyway — 12%
  • How they’re supporting charitable efforts right now — 3% 

LeadMD advises you to find your buyers, review your messaging and focus on your current customers.

UPDATE: Justin Gray, founder and CEO of LeadMD, comments: “Every business on the planet is recasting their target accounts, creating new messaging and pivoting to digitally engage their buyer. Gaining insight into how those buyers feel and understanding the mission critical problems they need to solve for is the key to creating awesome buyer experiences - and that’s the only type of experience generating results at this time.” 




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