The Many Nets Bumble Bee Tuna Integrated Ad Account

Bumble Bee Foods has appointed The Many as the canned tuna brand’s lead integrated agency of record following a formal review. Y&R was the incumbent agency.

As AOR for both creative and media, The Many is responsible for reintroducing Bumble Bee to a new generation of canned tuna eaters.

Todd Putman, executive vice president and Chief Growth Officer, Bumble Bee said, “The Many is known for challenging norms and inventing untraditional ways of working, and that’s exactly what you need when it’s time to push up against convention.”

The brand’s previous advertising relied heavily on value and nutrition to promote sales. Last year the company filed for bankruptcy and was sold to Taiwan-based FCF Co. for $925 million.

The new owners seek to jumpstart a struggling brand. The Many’s focus includes a new strategic brand platform, creative campaign, and media buying and planning effort. The agency will also develop a modern digital infrastructure to support brand performance.

The Many will also help expand Bumble Bee’s corporate programs focused on community engagement and philanthropy, such as its recent donations to Feeding America in support of Coronavirus relief efforts.




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