Study: Marketers Say Their Content Creating Approach Is Inefficient

London Research has conducted a timely new study on content management that found that nearly 60% of those polled feel they are wasting too much time on content marketing-related administrative tasks versus actually creating content.

During the pandemic of course a pretty intense spotlight has been placed on content efforts as marketers have struggled—sometimes successfully, often times not—to hit the right tone when messaging to consumers.

The report—“The State of Universal Content Management 2020”-- is based on a survey of 727 executives at brands, agencies and technology vendors. The survey was launched in February and closed on March 7, four days before the World Health Organization declared the global COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic.

The report’s analysis focuses on the data from company marketers. The research, which was sponsored by content  platform censhare, also contains an analysis of what content management ‘leaders’ are doing differently from their mainstream counterparts. Leaders refer to those companies that have an integrated and centralized content management hub. Mainstream companies refer to the other companies surveyed.



More than half of those polled indicated they waste too much time trying to find content assets that may or may not exist. Not surprisingly, wasting that kind of time impacts morale—90% of respondents said their work should be about the freedom to create and implement ideas, not getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

Three-quarters (74%) of those surveyed believe they could add ‘significantly more value’ to the business if the amount of content-related admin work they carry out on a regular basis was reduced. On average, respondents spend less than half (48%) of their time planning and producing content.

And 63% of those polled said they do not have a centralized content management hub, making it hard to manage and maneuver quickly.

Recommendation number one is to create such a hub if it does not already exist in the organization. That leads to recommendation number two—don’t management content by channel, which creates a myriad of integration and collaboration problems.

“Content creation and distribution has quickly become a mature market, but the management of content still lingers in an awkward, immature phase,” says Mathias Wurth, CMO, censhare. “Not being synched up from message-to-message and region-to-region only creates doubt and lack of trust in a businesses’ products and services.”

There’s a lot more analysis in the report, which can be accessed here


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