Publicis Groupe Staffers Don't Want To Commute As Much In The Future

As Publicis Groupe slowly reopens as lockdowns lift across the world, CEO/Chairman Arthur Sadoun used his Sunday briefing to discuss how the company is seeking to reinvent the way it work based on feedback from a Groupe-wide survey.

Three in four Groupe employees (75%) want to work differently after the pandemic. One of their top wishes — cited by 89% — would be to continue working from home more often.

At the same time, 71% believe physical distance hasn't stopped effective collaboration.

Nearly half dislike their daily commutes. "If we can remove one of the major pain points, it should absolutely be considered,” stated Sadoun.

Many staffers express challenges in maintaining work-life balance. Half (53%) find it hard to “switch off” work outside of business hours and only one in four have a dedicated home workspace.

While many want to work remotely, at least some of the time, most want to maintain social connections. Nearly two-thirds (61%) admit they find it harder to be socially connected and 42% miss the spontaneity of agency life when they work from home.



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