I've Just Been Promoted To Chief Sous-Vide Officer (Whatever That Means)

If you’re looking for a few minutes of distraction in between Zoom meetings, check out the fun website the UM Studios team recently launched. It generates a WFH “C-Level” title and “badge” for you, based on your answers to a short survey. 

It’s basic stuff, like do you have kids and their ages, pets, entertainment preferences, if you’re familiar with the term exercise and how well you perform in the cooking department. 

I took the survey, answering all questions honestly and the site came up with a title I actually had to Google to discover its meaning. Hmmm, guess I don’t have my chef on as much as I thought. The title was Chief Sous Vide Officer. 

Any way, you can take the survey as often as you like and make up answers just to see the funny titles (some 500 in all) the site creates. Like many C-Level jobs, the title is negotiable. 

Check out the “Home C-Suite Home” site here. And have a photo handy to upload for your badge. Pre-pandemic is fine or keep it real with a fresh-made selfie.






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