'I Need Some Space:' Curiosity's COVID-19 Merch Line

Cincinnati-based Curiosity answered the United Nation’s March call-to-action to help raise awareness about COVID-19 by developing a fake product line, using humorous statements, like hoodies adorned with the message “i need some space” and “Stay away from me.”

The agency’s creative team, nicknamed the “Social Distance Supply,” had fun thinking up dummy products that included sweatpants, candles, tees, and sweatshirts. 

However, when the agency shared the concepts on social media, team members received “rave reviews” and a high number of requests to purchase these one-off concepts. The posts on social media reached nearly 8,000 impressions and were shared more than 40 times. 

Curiosity then “decided to make it real,” says creative director Lee Taylor. “With all the interest in the items, we knew we had to find a way to print some of the favorites,” he explains. “It is a way to give our employees and followers a practical, stylish look while maintaining social distancing when in public places.” 



The agency partnered with another Cincinnati-based organization called SRO Prints, a printer who employs those recovering from drug addiction. Surprisingly, there has been so much interest in the merchandise line that SRO has decided to continue printing the collection this summer.   

While agency leaders are unsure exactly why this project captured so much interest from employees and fans, Taylor thinks it may be a combination of good intentions, visually interesting material and making it memorable across social platforms. 

“Today, the world is driven by social media and bite-sized content,” he says.  "Always approach projects with passion and heart and don't be afraid to approach a project differently than you typically would. Most of the world's problems can be solved (or improved) by a little courage and creativity." 






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