Monster Brings A Little Levity To The Serious Subject Of Today's Job Market

Monster is using work bags, luggage, and backpacks to provide some light-hearted amusement in order to encourage people to find work post-pandemic.

The creative, developed with MullenLowe, uses these work totems, like a storage box, as these products directly speak to the viewer about the desire to get back to work and how Monster can help people do so.

Sample the work here, here and here.

“The work bags were a way to represent a range of jobs and bring them to life to voice these emotions, adding some levity to a heavy situation,” said Ben Salsky and Myles Allpress, creative directors at MullenLowe. “Suddenly you’re feeling for a suitcase tucked away in a closet or a backpack stuck in bed all day, and maybe that makes you laugh. We figured we could all use a laugh at the moment.”



Although Monster came to MullenLowe with a need to create a campaign timed for the summer, the COVID-19 situation changed the proposed brief. Given the challenges posed by the current production environment, using the bags was a workaround to create some original content.

MullenLowe attempted to ground the content with a real touch by not letting voice talent know they were playing the role of a backpack or a suitcase. Instead, the actors were told just that they were representing an impacted member of the workforce.

The campaign components include TV, radio, and social media.

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