Infogroup Deploys New Email Acquisition Platform

Information company Infogroup has debuted an AI-driven acquisition tool that uses a prospect’s prior behavior to assist in emailings.

The new product, Acquisition Platform, allows brands to use AI and third-party data in a single email platform, InfoGroup says. In effect, the product serves as Infogroup’s new foundational email platform.

The AI within the plaform “learns from each event and applies that learning across Infogroup's entire database," states Michael Iaccarino, CEO of Infogroup.

That entails combing through over 140 million prospective B2B and B2C customers, emailable names available in Infogroup’s Data Axle platform, the firm says. Infogroup has data on 74 million consumers and 72 million businesses.

According to Infogroup, the new platform improves campaign ROI and helps brands generate new leads. And it provides an effective cost-per-acquisition, the firm maintains. 

In addition, the platform's decision engine uses event data to provide  pre- and post-campaign deployment recommendations, Infogroup claims.  

Iaccarino argues that artificial Intelligence “is only as good as the data that powers it.”

Infogroup leverages  hundreds of demographic and firmographic attributes and puts all data through hygiene and validation process, the company adds. 

Additional services include services include inbox placement measurement, campaign monitoring, ISP remediations and issue resolution if a mailing is blocked or blacklisted. 


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