Banzai Offers New Tool For Partner Event And Webinar Marketing

SaaS automation provider Banzai has debuted a product to help partner marketing teams promote webinars and events. 

The new offering, Banzai Reach for Partners, makes the services in Banzai Reach available to partner marketers, a group that has been “wildly under-served by marketing automation vendors, especially in the webinar and events category,” states Banzai CEO Joe Davy.

Davy notes that over 90% of Banzai’s clients have a partner marketing team.

According to Bonzai, the new services do the following:

  • Audience AI identifies professionals most likely to be interested in a partner’s webinar or event and sends an invitation via email, LinkedIn InMail, call center or targeted advertising.
  • Partner Event Management enables teams to track the success of their partner’s webinars and events. 
  • Partner Onboarding simplifies partner permissions and additions.
  • Channel Development Fund Management enables teams to allocate money to partner campaigns. 

Partner marketers also get access to such Banzai Reach features as registration pages, the Banzai Community, through which firms can publish their webinars and events, and multi-channel invitations. 

Users seem to approve. Michael Nordstrom, director, Americas Partner Marketing for ServiceNow, says the product extends the reach of the webinar programs the company's partners are running "to help them develop opportunities and build a pipeline.” 

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