New Ad Calls Out Trump As 'America's Worst President'

The Lincoln Project is out with a new ad condemning Trump as “America’s worst president,” and comparing him unfavorably to four of the greatest individuals to hold the office: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

The ad was unveiled today in advance of Trump’s planned visit to South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore this weekend, where countenances of the foursome are carved into the Black Hills monument.

The ad cites quotations from each of the four and lauds them for their courage and leadership. “Their words, deeds and legacies will survive time immemorial,” the ad’s narrator intones.

The ad ends with an image of Trump and a frequent quote of his (“I take no responsibility”) as the narrator continues: “America’s worst president will neither be remembered nor revered.”

Apparently, the Lincoln Project’s ad assault has really gotten under Trump’s skin, according to a piece just published on the Vanity Fairwebsite,. There,you can also read more about one of the top creatives behind the ads the LP is pumping out on a regular basis: Ben Howe. He honed his ad skills working for the Tea Party movement. 



“Nobody undoes Trump like Trump,” Howe tells the publication. “And I hope that voters are capable of seeing that with their own eyes and making a judgment,” he said.

“How I’ve always seen it is, you don’t want to make an ad that’s telling somebody, ‘Here’s what you should think.’ You're showing people something where the conclusion should be obvious,” he adds.

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