WT, 9/11 Day Partner On Virtual 'Good Deeds' Platform

It’s Patriot Day, an official national day of service and remembrance of those who perished on Sept. 11, 2001.

And like most days we celebrate or commemorate this year, the usual events people take part in have been made more challenging by the pandemic.

To make it a little less challenging WPP’s Wunderman Thompson has teamed with nonprofit 9/11 Day to create a digital platform that enables Americans to remember and give back virtually. It can accessed by visiting

The nonprofit group chose 11 “good deeds” that people could ponder when visiting the site. WT created a platform for “virtual volunteering” to showcase and scale the initiative. The agency provided the communications, branding, assets and the core UX platform for the project.

The platform brings together more than 60 nonprofit groups to inspire service focused on the numerous issues facing the country today like responding to the pandemic, social justice, voting, hunger relief, supporting first responders and others.



There are 50-plus “good deed” opportunities to inspire altruistic audiences showcased on the platform. All can be done from home.

WT led the project from New York with support from its Buenos Aires and Memphis offices.

More details about the project can be seen in this short video.  



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