Independent Agencies Unite For 'Small Agency Monday'

Several independent agency networks are joining forces to launch Small Agency Monday, a social media-driven campaign to raise awareness for smaller shops post-pandemic.

“Our ambition is to level the playing field during this uncertain time and beyond, and counter the notion that only holding companies can deliver big results,” explains David Krupp, CEO, Americas, Billups. “This myth has been perpetuated for too long.”

Billups, Worldwide Partners, Tribe Global and Magnet Global Network serve as founding members of this partnership, and their collective 150 domestic agency partners will all participate in supporting the effort at launch. 

“Our intention is continued expansion of support as additional non-network members join our small agency effort,” says Krupp. “We are activating the idea with an intention to support and feature the small and independent agencies that seek and deserve more exposure." 



SAM launches with a social campaign and website that in the coming months will feature stories, interviews and podcasts and provide access to information and resources. “The goal is to help advertisers find agencies that will further promote their business, and the partners to potentially reframe their business challenges into larger market share and greater opportunity, where needed,” says Krupp. “Whether it is an AOR opportunity or a chance to work on a product launch or project, the goal is to take steps towards spreading the wealth and give smaller agencies a chance to compete.”

Independent agencies interested in participating or joining the initiative are encouraged to email or visit



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