Dish Taps Quantum Metric To Leverage Direct Consumer Data

Dish has partnered with SaaS platform Quantum Metric to capture customer behaviors and prioritize product decisions based on direct consumer data across digital touchpoints.

The partnership comes as increased cord cutting since the pandemic is spurring MVPDs to leverage data to improve the customer experience.

Quantum Metric will be integrated into existing Dish technologies.

Quantum will help Dish analyze technical and behavioral indicators and create optimized in-page analytics that allow Dish to “gauge the user perspective,” Dish said.

That includes user-segmented visibility into its video playback experience, to enable analysis of how behaviors affect customer engagement scores, time spent watching and other key Dish KPIs. 

"With these insights, we'll be able to better understand technical and experience gaps in real time to ensure that we continue to provide our customers with a world class viewing experience,” stated Robert Sadler, director of product development for Dish.



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