Campaign-Genius Unveils Plug-In For Sending Real-Time Email Content

Campaign-Genius, a platform for fielding email content, is partnering with BEE to offer a plug-in that provides access to campaign content tools. 

The plug-in facilitates real-time email for users of more than 600 SaaS platforms that employee the BEE Plugin Editor.

To utilize the tool, marketers must ask their SaaS platform provider to turn on the Visual Toolbox AddOn for BEE.

BEE is a drag-and-drop email and landing page editor developed by MailUp Inc.

Among the Saas providers that employ BEE Plugin are CleverTap, CareerBuilder, and Exponea. Email service providers that employ BEE Plugin include MailUp, Ongage, Blueshift and Cheetah Digital.

According to Campaign-Genius, the new service includes these capabilities:

  • Scheduled real-time update of creative and links.  
  • Real-time split testing of creative and landing pages.
  • Automated or scheduled switch-to-winner.
  • Geo-targeting of content. For example: Lead with surfboards in California; lead with skis in Colorado, in the same campaign.
  • Live package tracking, weather, and maps, geo-localized for each email recipient. 
  • Animated countdown timers and on-demand barcodes.
  • YouTube-to-GIF thumbnail generation.
  • Live metrics maps, showing impressions and clicks by recipient location for campaigns.



“Real-time email content has been around for a decade, but the adoption rate has been underwhelming, mainly because of cost and complexity,” states Ryan Phelan, co-founder of Origin Email Agency.


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