RAM: The Ads Interact, Too

Eyeblaster's new ad unit synchronization product takes the heavy lifting off the page and puts it in the back office where it belongs. The technology enables advertisers to craft multiple ad units that interact with one another seamlessly on the same page.

Want your company logo to move from one skyscraper to another? No problem, says Nir Shimoni, Eyeblaster's vice president of product. The fancy footwork doesn't require advertisers to purchase a full-page overlay.

"The motion you see between the two different units is calculated on the fly and can match the media buy the advertiser bought on the specific publisher," Shimoni says.

Also new in Eyeblaster's rich media quiver: a behavior sequencing feature that enables advertisers to target messages to customers based upon their previous interactions with ads in a campaign. In addition, the new ezBlaster publisher tool simplifies ad creation by employing a series of custom-made templates.

"You don't have to hire a Flash developer or creative people to do that anymore," Shimoni says.

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