Kid's Apparel Company Primary Gets Brand Makeover

New York-based Primary, a children’s apparel brand designed to be affordable, durable, and non-gender-specific, is introducing a brand overhaul with help from design agency Collins.

While the brand’s mission of inclusivity has existed since its debut in 2015, about a year ago Primary founders Christina Carbonell and Galyn Bernard, two former Amazon and marketers, concluded they needed to evolve the visual identity of the company. 

The makeover includes an updated logo that cuts the original full circle/full-color logo in half. The new typeface follows a path reminiscent of a rainbow, or a sunset/sunrise in a nod to express that “every day is a new day to shine.”

The brand’s new tagline, “Live Your True Colors” underscores its celebration of everyone living how they choose. And the revised typography is reminiscent of children’s books--the serif is meant to give a poetic quality.



Earlier messaging included, “No logos, slogans, or sequins," and "It's what's on the inside that counts.”

Pre-makeover images also lacked a distinctive vision or personality, the founders believed. 

The clothing brand is also introducing “The Primaries,” a series of characters -- both animated and static -- to represent stepping out of a conformist shape, such as a square or circle into a more modern, free, fluid shape.

All imagery and photography has been revised to include more diversity and authenticity, including children as they are with no glam or staging.

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