RAM: JibJab's Mock Marketing

Short films from have found a home on Microsoft Corp.'s MSN. JibJab, known for the online cult hits "This Land" and "Second Term" during the 2004 Presidential election, had an exclusive content deal with Yahoo! which expired in January.

Under the new deal, MSN will sell online video advertising on both MSN Video and and both parties will collaborate on product placement in future JibJab shorts. Brands that enter into placement arrangements with MSN and JibJab will be featured in the shorts -- and possibly mocked a bit.

"The notion with JibJab is that they're snarky, irreverent -- equal opportunity maker-fun-of-ers," says Todd Herman, MSN's director of advertising and business strategy. So far, MSN has run "Big Box Mart," a short film that pokes fun at big-box retail chains like Wal-Mart.

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