IAB Disruption Summit Gets Disrupted By, You Guessed It, The Internet

Just as an afternoon keynote speaker, GroupM Business Intelligence chief Brian Wieser, was beginning his presentation, the IAB Brand Disruption Summit got disrupted due to, ironically, the internet.

“We all know about internet bandwidth and how it can be weird sometimes,” summit emcee Ty Barnett quipped, adding, “Don’t go anywhere. While our speakers reconnect, we have some great content lined up for you.”

Following another awkward pause, a visibly uncomfortable Barnett added, “Smile and nod.”

That’s when the summit feed cut to an old interview recorded from a 2019 conference, which played for 18-minutes before Wieser’s feed was restored (see related story).

“Thanks so much Brian and Randall,” Barnett said at the end of the session, which was supposed to feature IAB Executive Chairman Randall Rothenberg interviewing Wieser, but which apparently got cut.



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