Nissan Rogue Doesn't Skimp On Standard Safety

Nissan once again has upped the safety game, making a slew of technology standard on the new 2021 Rogue that very well could save lives — and landscaping. 

Let me explain. I am test-driving the Rogue this week, and learned firsthand how powerful and sensitive the automatic emergency braking is when I was backing out of my driveway. The vehicle sensed impending doom, namely my neighbor’s shrub, and applied the brakes very hard. 

It’s sometimes difficult to experience safety features firsthand, because in order to prompt them to engage, you’d have to be driving badly -- which no self-respecting automotive journalist ever wants to do But no bush was harmed and no vehicle was scratched by branches in this test-drive incident, so all’s well that ends well. 

I’m a sucker for technology that makes driving less stressful and safer. I believe much of this equipment should be standard and not optional, especially adaptive cruise control, which is a game-changer.  

But I’ve seen more than a few automakers try to keep their vehicle’s MSRP lower by not including such equipment as standard, and then nickel and diming the buyer for every little thing.

Still, the 2021 Nissan Rogue has the most standard safety technologies in its class.

Standard on the 2021 Rogue include forward collision warning (you are going to hit the car in front of you, stop tailgating) and pedestrian detection (designed to save that preoccupied walker who is looking at his phone and jumps in front of you). Lane departure warning, blind spot warning and rear cross traffic warning are also all standard. 

Maybe you are thinking this is overkill, but the reality is, it is much needed. Distracted driving is a common issue that many drivers see on a regular basis. Because of this, Leith Cars surveyed 1,000 participants to analyze their actions when riding in the car with a distracted driver. 

The company found 97% of people said they’ve confronted a distracted driver while riding in their car, 52% of respondents have most recently called out a driver for texting, followed by browsing the internet (33%). Yikes. 

Lane keeping assist is optional and in my opinion, worth the extra money. Just as it says, the technology will keep drivers from accidentally drifting into another lane by gently guiding the vehicle back into its original lane. With the addition of Navilink, the vehicle actually knows if the road is curving ahead and makes adjustments ahead of time, ensuring a smoother ride. 

Besides safety, the vehicle has other thoughtful touches like a door handle that senses you have the keys in your pocket or purse and allows entry without hitting the key fob. There’s a space under the center console for a purse or small bag, which is nice for keeping it within reach. 

The vehicle is also family-friendly, rugged and road-worthy, as exemplified in the recently launched campaign from TBWA Chiat Day featuring actress Brie Larson. 

There are a lot of vehicle options out there, particularly when it comes to SUVs, and the Rogue helps separate itself from the pack with a vehicle that goes above and beyond.

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