• What Does 'More Open' To EVs Really Mean?
    Tesla is once again the most trusted EV brand, per CarGurus.
  • Formula E Plans Likely Return To Brooklyn
    Last week's Marketing: Automotive conference included a jam-packed two afternoons of automotive marketers sharing insights, including a few "breaking news" items.
  • Mini, Cadillac Add Spontaneity To Marketing
    Mini USA is the latest to put actual consumers into its promo efforts, sharing the stories of five Mini-enthusiast couples who fell in love.
  • Automakers Come Together (Online) For MediaPost Conference
    The programming will include executives from General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Honda and Hyundai.
  • Gen Y, Z Lead The Way With EVs
    One in four Gen Y and Z auto intenders say electric vehicle technology is a "must-have" in their next car, GfK AutoMobility tells "DriveTime."
  • GM, Ford Tops In Loyalty
    GM's impressive 69% retention of its customers is attributed to its popular SUV and pickup lineup.
  • Technology Is The Star Of Chevy Bolt EUV, Infiniti QX55
    The Chevrolet Bolt EUV and Infiniti QX55 are radically different vehicles with one thing in common: technology takes center stage.
  • Automakers Struggle With Digital Marketplace
    "I was left feeling fatigued and negatively influenced by brand marketing that wasn't properly controlled," says a recent car buyer.
  • Ford Trends Report Finds Consumers Resilient
    Ford and other companies are interested to know what changes will stick after COVID-19, said Ford's Sheryl Connelly.
  • Auto Event Cancellations, Reschedulings Continue
    Mini USA once again is postponing Mini Takes The States, a biannual cross-country road rally that attracts upwards of 3,600 Mini enthusiasts.
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