• Honda, Ford Withhold Social Ads -- Will Other Automakers Follow?
    "The existence of content that includes hate speech, violence and racial injustice on social platforms needs to be eradicated," Ford said.
  • Ford Plans Social Media Debut Of F-150 Pickup
    Eighty-two percent of truck owners would give up streaming services for a year before giving up their truck; 79% would rather give up drinking alcohol.
  • Top Automotive Marketers Discuss How COVID-19 Will Change Ads
    Social distancing and masks are required or strongly encouraged, depending on the state, which could affect the creative.
  • Pandemic Prompts Rush On Technology At Volkswagen
    Plans to implement the technology began two years ago -- but because of the pandemic, VW accelerated its plan.
  • Auto Brand Loyalty On Downward Trajectory
    Consumers want trust, transparency, understanding and reliability from automakers, says Hannah Keshishian, Mintel automotive analyst.
  • Americans Miss Driving, Even Commuting
    Survey respondents went from spending nearly six hours every week behind the wheel of a car to a quick six minutes each day.
  • Automakers Encourage Online Shopping
    References to online car shopping have "increased dramatically" since a state of emergency was declared over COVID-19, according to Advertising Analytics.
  • Pandemic Brings Out Good In Auto Industry
    Lexus, Mazda, Maserati and Ford are stepping up with some do-good efforts in response to COVID-19.
  • Pandemic Could Prompt Vehicle Sales From Former Ride-Share Users
    Buses, subways, trains, car pools, ride-sharing --- none of them sound very attractive at the moment, and for the foreseeable future.
  • Automakers, Dealers Continue To Adjust
    Some plants are being used to make ventilators and face shields -- and now, hospital gowns and COVID-19 specimen collection kits.
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