• Porsche Drivers Have Highest Credit Scores
    Porsche buyers take the top spot with average credit scores of 725 -- leapfrogging Tesla, which took the top spot in last year's analysis.
  • Car Shoppers Change What They Are 'Googling'
    The top Google keywords and phrases include deferred payments, financial incentives and home delivery.
  • Ford Dips Toe Into Podcasts With Bronco Series
    Telling a compelling story like Bronco's generates enthusiasm for the overall Ford brand, Ford's Mark Truby tells "DriveTime."
  • MediaPost Hosts Automotive Movers, Shakers At Virtual Conference
    Speakers at the two-day virtual conference include Ford's Joy Falotico, Hyundai's Angela Zepeda and Lexus' Lisa Materazzo:
  • Cadillac Preps Lyriq Reveal, Lordstown Motors Shows Off Pickup
    This is turning into a big week for electric trucks, especially those with a connection to Lordstown, Ohio.