• New York Auto Show Gears Up For UVs-A-Plenty
    The bias toward utility vehicles (of all sizes) reflects the market demand, according to Stephanie Brinley, principal automotive analyst at IHS Markit.
  • Automakers Need To Heed Buyers' Wishes Re: Dealerships
    Here's the deal for anyone not privy to the inner workings of the auto world: there has been a struggle between automakers and dealers since the beginning of time.
  • Detroit Auto Show Considering Time Shift
    As for the regular public show days, you've got to think not having to negotiate inclement weather might encourage a few more spectators.
  • MediaPost Names Best In Auto Marketing
    "D & G have consistently produced highly creative and very effective work across channels for years," says Ian Beavis, chief strategy officer at AMCI and one of the jurors.