• Automakers Listen To Customers, Vehicles Get Better
    Of all the J.D. Power studies, the automakers perhaps take the IQS results the most seriously. So it's good news that they appear to be getting it right.
  • Tariffs Will Affect Auto Industry In Many Ways
    One automotive analyst called the trade moves by the Trump administration "willful stupidity" adding "it is madness, as the industry is so globally interconnected from a supply chain and manufacturing standpoint."
  • Ford Buying Train Station Is Turning Point In Detroit's Renaissance
    "If they restore it sensitively and make it environmentally up to date, it could be a huge boost in their image as a company genuinely interested in sustainability," says AMCI's Ian Beavis.
  • GM Official Crashes Race Pace Car, Mini Gets Creative With Sponsorship
    While concert sponsorships by automakers are run of the mill, Mini USA is taking a more creative approach with a different type of music-related marketing.