COVID-19 Causes Tech Hiring Problems: Study

Companies are worried about employee access to data, and they face other challenges, such as a lack of software engineers available for hire during the pandemic, according to a study by Internal. 

Of the 500-plus IT and engineering decision makers polled, 95% have concerns about employees having access to customer data.  

Breaking it down, 47% are extremely concerned and 36% are somewhat so. 

Moreover, 58% have had internal data breaches, causing these potential costs: More than half (58%) of respondents said they have had internal data breaches, defined as an incident caused by privileged users with access to sensitive information.

  • Legal costs — 60%
  • Loss of customer trust — 54% 
  • Bad headlines in the media or impact to the company reputation — 53%

On another front, 96% seek no-code/low-code technology because of the lack of software engineering talent.

Of the respondents, 22% say no-code/low-code is an essential priority, 28% call it a high priority and 22% dub it a moderate priority. Only 7% say it is a low priority.



Seventeen percent said no-code/low-code was somewhat of a priority and just 7% said it was low priority. Meanwhile, just 4% said it was not a priority at all.

Over 81% of IT leaders says that hiring has changed since the onslaught of COVID-19 and 78% foresee hiring challenges next year. 

In addition, 37% have been hiring more engineers since COVID-19, but 35% have paused hiring. 

“COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of no-code/low-code solutions as IT and engineering leaders seek out new ways to improve engineering efficiency and empower non-coders to do more,” states Arisa Amano, co-founder and CEO of Internal. 

Amano adds: “Security is likely to become an important factor for adoption, especially when it comes to the development of internal apps that touch customer data.”


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