I Can't Wait -- Adults Are Taking Over At The White House

The Biden Administration will likely usher in a period of “policy-making predictability,” according to Brian Wieser, global president, business intelligence, GroupM. He issued a missive today speculating on the likely impact the new administration will have on the media and marketing sector.

Yes, that’s right, predictability, carried out by adults schooled in rational thought, with lots of experience in this area, as compared to the egomaniacal cult of personality that has held sway for the past four years.

That’ll be a relief for many people. You know, those who will welcome back with open arms a return to the rule of law and a form of government known as democracy.

Of course, not everybody in media may be thrilled with what the Biden era could forge, particularly if the Democrats win control of the Senate. (Stay tuned until Jan. 5.) Wieser believes “big tech probably will be broken up or choose to break itself up.”

There is a consensus, he notes, that the largest companies in the United States are too big. “The specific way break-ups occur is difficult to anticipate, but it seems inevitable, nonetheless.”

Passage of a federal privacy law seems unlikely, at least for now, he predicts. “There is no particular momentum behind a national privacy law akin to GDPR in Europe, although circumstances could certainly evolve to lead to one.”

Wieser added: “States seem more likely to establish laws of their own, which could have the effect of leading to a similar approach to data privacy in both territories,” that is more opt-out (at least for now) than opt-in.

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which provides a degree of immunity from liability for platforms like Google and  Facebook “seems likely to be changed or revoked,” Wieser states.

“It seems somewhat inevitable that platforms will begin to take greater responsibility, one way or another, which should ultimately lead to more brand-safe environments, even if doing so leads to some reduction in usage by a small share of platform users,” Wieser argues.

More brand safety. What marketer would object to that?

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  1. David Scardino from TV & Film Content Development, November 17, 2020 at 10:13 a.m.

    Put all those big plans on hold. First off there's a pandemic to be dealt with. Secondly, Trump has so hollowed out the Federal government, it will probably take as much as two years just to get the levels of competence back to where they were on January 20th 2017. It will be a huge job.

  2. Maria Johnson from Self, November 17, 2020 at 9:38 p.m.

    "Adults" are taking over and so we should all simply ignore that the adult democrats push victimhood, classism, a culture of grievance and outright lies designed to irritate our population like America is “systemically racist". So what if the adults teach men to hate themselves, people to hate their country and black and white people to hate each other. So what if these adults push resentment, envy and identity politics. So what if their Ludacris policies of government force and symbolism over substance consistently scare away investors, venture capital, capital markets, investment, jobs, opportunities, expansion and prosperity for every skin color, sexual orientation and religion. So what if they will move us toward open borders, paying for illegals, abolishing ICE, defunding police, getting rid of cash bail, sanctuary cities, movements like BLM and Antifa who loot, riot, burn cities and create autonomous zones and push the idea that no one is responsible for their own action cause you are a victim. So what if the adult democratic party creates fake dossiers on their political opponents then uses them to obtain fisa warrants, so what if they rig primary elections for their favorite candidate or give candidates debate questions or make up stories about fake whistle blowers or make up fabricated transcripts or accuse opponents of colluding with Russia, when they are the ones who colluded with Russia, costing taxpayers 48 million dollars and years of anxiety. So what if the dems made up hundreds of lies which have made this country a more hateful place such as Trump referred to neo nazis as very fine people or Trump stole from a charity or Trump made fun of a reporters disability or Trump called the Virus a hoax. So what if Hunter's laptop proves conclusively that Hunter was peddling influence and cutting the "big guy" Joe Biden on the loot, so what if those emails and testimony from others proves Joe knew about it, so what if Joe Fired the prosecutor that his sons company told him to fire and used American tax payer money as the bargaining chip. So what if the dems impeached Donald trump for wanting that Burisma sham investigated. So what if Donald Trump lowered taxes, regulations, signed 5 trade deals, got Nato allies to pay up, lured back 400 corporations to bring their money back to the US like apple who alone brought back 350 billion creating a 38 billion dollar US treasury windfall. So what if Trump signed a middle east peace deal, is the only president to not start a war in 45 years and is pulling our troops out of foreign lands. So what if Trump ended catch and release or funded historic black colleges or signed the right to try or criminal justice reform or created investment opportunity zones for minorities. And so what if Joe Biden's only accomplishment in 47 years is the crime bill which single handedly locked up tens of thousands of black and brown sons and husbands and dads cause the adults are taking over LOL

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