Atlantic 57 Releases Research, Guide To Articulate Brand Values

Atlantic Media’s brand agency Atlantic 57 has created a guide and body of research for brands, with steps on how to articulate, apply and deliver a brand’s values.

Called Brand Prism, the “proprietary framework” can help brands articulate “values that are specific and distinct,” Julie Dixon, strategy director at Atlantic 57, writes in an introduction to the new offering.

“There’s plenty of research out there that focuses on why a brand should have values and what consumers expect of brands today,” Dixon wrote. “We wanted to instead focus on the specific points along this values continuum that matter most for audiences, and how brands can improve their performance.”

Atlantic 57 relaunched its website this week, too.



Brand Prism is based on a survey of U.S. adults, an Ireader poll, interviews with brands, journalists and DEI experts, and an analysis of Fortune 500 brands.

The research shows that consumers are holding brands to higher standards than they were six months ago, and expect to see a brand’s values reflected in everything they do and say. 

Eighty-seven percent of consumers consider a brand’s values when purchasing a product.

Compared to six months ago, 73% of respondents find it more important to purchase a product from a company with strong values. 

Some 56% of respondents from the Atlantic reader poll said they wouldn’t consider purchasing from a brand if its values didn’t align with their own.

The Atlantic unveiled a collective in September called Atlantic Brand Partners, combining Atlantic 57; creative studio Atlantic Re:think; a new group called Ventures; advertising in print, digital, podcasting; and sponsoring live events through AtlanticLive. 
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