Turtle Wax Plays Up Germ-Killing Abilities

Never has there been a more appropriate time to worry about vehicle cleanliness than in the midst of a pandemic. 

Turtle Wax is playing up its germ-killing actions in a new creative campaign from Zeno Group that features social media video, including YouTube. It focuses on the product’s multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant, which eliminates over 99.9% of germs and sanitizes for 24 hours.

The company  has signed a long-term licensing agreement with Integrated Resources International LLC for Byotrol24, an EPA-registered cleaner and disinfectant with 24-hour surface sanitizing action effective against cold and flu viruses -- and perhaps most significantly, Coronavirus. 

The spray provide not only a safe way to clean, but also sanitize a car's interior for 24 hours without damaging its surfaces. The company calls the product a “game changer.”



"After touching hundreds of surfaces each day, drivers and passengers unknowingly track germs into their vehicles putting their collective health at risk,” says Laurie King, chief operating officer, Turtle Wax, in a release.

Turtle Wax recently conducted a survey among U.S. drivers to understand the shift in driving and interior car cleaning habits amid COVID-19.

Of those surveyed, 65% are using their cars almost every day and 47% are more concerned with cleaning the interior of their car today than before COVID-19.  This number increases to 73% among those who are driving more frequently now than prior to COVID-19.

Another 63% feel it is now important to bring car cleaning products into the car in the midst of COVID-19. However 59% are cleaning their car's interior about the same or less frequently than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Turtle Wax, many are choosing the wrong solution. Although 52% think household wipes are effective to clean their car's interior, in actuality household wipes are ineffective in eliminating germs and could harm the car's interior surfaces.

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