Agency Study Finds American Travelers Split On Vaccines

While proof of vaccination may be required in some cases to board planes, visit international destinations or attend special events and business conferences, just 50% of American travelers say they will get the vaccine as soon as possible, according to a survey by travel and tourism specialist agency MMGY Global. 

Forty percent indicated they will wait to see if it’s effective and 9% say they won’t get the vaccine.

Despite these mixed opinions, MMGY anticipates travel’s big 2021 trend will be “vaxication” bookings, that is trips people book in anticipation of being vaccinated or take as soon as they’ve received their vaccination. 

The study indicates people are eager to visit the unfamiliar. Two in three travelers (65%) want to experience a new destination.



The report surmises that travel demand may start to pick up in the second quarter of next year  though airlines will initially focus on smaller route maps, non-traditional service patterns and leisure-driven operations until larger commercial demand returns.

Researchers predict international traffic will outperform domestic recovery, on a relative basis, once the business community sees normalcy. For their part, workers are eager to return to the friendly skies. MMGY Global’s December data reveals that 57% of business travelers intend to take a trip in the next six months.

Surprisingly, cruise lines are reporting strong bookings, though there will be some reduction in itineraries for 2021.

Ultimately, road trips will continue to be the preferred getaway, with mountain and beach resorts as the top destinations. 

MMGY Global anticipates this trend will continue as the “combination of the ease and safety of car travel and ability to socially distance outdoors will be a perfect fit for travelers’ comfort levels.” City centers and large group hotels will face a slower road to recovery. 

More from the report can be found here.


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