Looking Good: Email Design Forecast For 2021

Okay, we hear you. We have covered email copy, tech and compliance trends for 2021. But what about email design, you ask?

It just so happens that designmodo did a forecast on the subject on Monday, titled Email Design Trends For 2021. Here is some of its predictions and some tips on how to use these elements.


It already exists, but expect more of it based on good segmentation. Use the customer's name at the top and in the subject line, and base offers on preferences or prior purchase history. And use smart tags to customize the content. 

Long Text

Contrary to what some say, email newsletters are beginning to look like traditional landing pages packed with content, the report says. 

That’s fine, but don’t just send a big gray block: break it up with images, illustrations and animated gifs. And use formatting to break the content into “easily digestible chunks,” using white space, typography, headings, and paragraphs.



Big, Bold Typography

Big headlines scream at the recipient, and you can expect more of them in 2021. Enough of those “oversimplified typefaces turning primitivism into subtlety, retro-inspired typefaces generating a wave of nostalgia, and handwritten typefaces giving designs an impeccable sense of taste.”

Here, too, there are rules to follow. First, choose your words carefully because those big headlines will linger in the customer's mind. And choose your colors wisely — neutrals work best. Also, give its space, make it accessible. And remember that’s no small trick to fit big typography onto a mobile screen. 


This time-honored format is a good way of satisfying the desire for longer reads. As designmodo describes it, each card has an “image on the top, content in the middle, and the footer at the end.” All images are static. 

Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow

The big colors of the year, chosen by Pantone, are “ultimate gray and illuminating yellow.” They express resilience and hope — ”two things that we are craving so much at these uncertain times.” 

Authentic Imagery

This trend, in which original photos are used instead of stock images, already dominates web sites. Now it is taking over email. Go for it, and let your imagine run wild, designmodo adds. 


There’s nothing new about the fact that people love art. But there’s more of it in email than there was, and some of it consists of ‘fuirky and surrealist illustrations that stay away from perfection.”

Animated Gifs

These non-static elements will be a “colossal email trend” in  2021.” People are bored after staying at home. You can convey your message and generate traffic with animated GIFs and CSS-based effects. 

Interactive Emails

Not many brands are sending interactive emails. But it can be done, thanks to AMP for Email. Want to try it? Use the Postcards platform and stick wit “safe interactive features. 

Design modo provides more information on these topics, plus examples.



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