Hyundai Teases Ioniq 5 Via Videos

Hyundai Motor Company today unveiled the first teaser images of the Ioniq 5 midsize CUV.

Along with the darkly lit photos, a series of five teaser videos on the Hyundai Worldwide’s YouTube page showcase the vehicle’s technology. The videos were created by Hyundai AOR Innocean.

Three 23-second “Ultimate Camping” videos (“Cooking,” “Sound” and “Running”)  feature a camper using various electrical appliances powered by Ioniq 5’s Vehicle to Load technology that functions as a general power supply.

The camper roasts a turkey in a large oven, listens to music on high-end audio speakers, and exercises on a treadmill — all at a camping site.



The ‘“5-Minute Challenge” video (which is 60 seconds) highlights Ioniq 5’s charging capability, which enables it to drive more than 100km with only a 5-minute charge. 

To showcase the performance, a movie trailer-style challenge was set up featuring Ioniq 5 and three devices—a smartphone, laptop and action camera—that were each charged for 5 minutes and competed to be the last to survive.

The automaker plans to release more content that highlights the vehicle's features.

The Ioniq 5 will debut in a virtual world premiere event in February, and the full campaign will launch in March. 

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