Retarus Debuts Inbound Email Management Tool

Cloud Service Retours has launched a service to help firms organize and deal with inbound email messages as they arrive, the company announced on Friday. 

The new service, the Bounce And Response Manager, is designed to help brands that send high volumes of email via the Retarus Transactional Email platform. 

"Whether they're sending newsletters, order confirmations, or delivery notifications, the more emails companies send out, the more responses they can expect to be confronted with,” states Sören Schulte, senior product marketing manager at Retarus. 

Schulte adds that “manually sorting messages received in response to large-scale, automated mailing campaigns in a timely manner is basically doomed to fail from the outset.”

The Bounce And Response Manager is based on analysis of incoming email content. The system can recognize and classify system-generated notification messages, error messages, or out-of-office notices, the company claims.  



In addition, the service enables firms to route inbound messages, handle incoming traffic, and automate workflow steps for the marketing, support, and contact center departments, it adds.  

It also separates "out of office" messages and "hard bounces" from real enquiries sent by prospective customers, the company adds. 

Schulte notes that "nowadays, customers rightly expect very quick responses to their requests."


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