WARC Tackles 'Marketing In A Polarized Nation'

WARC is out with a new bimonthly publication, Spotlight US, and the first edition addresses the timely subject “Marketing In A Polarized Nation.”

While some brands embrace polarization (MyPillow jumps immediately to mind), WARC asserts that most Americans “are actually moderate, and many are looking to brands for trust, truth and even sanctuary during a time that remains disruptive.”

Each edition of the new series will focus on a topic designed to help brands market more effectively in the U.S.

The content includes a collection of expert commentary and insights, tackling topics from a range of perspectives. Contributors to the series are industry pros offering their take on what’s working.

The first edition includes a piece by Kirsten Maryott, strategy director, Wieden+Kennedy, who argues that polarization for brands is a good thing. “Polarization – in politics and beyond — gives us passion groups,” she writes.” When it's clear what a brand stands for, and what they stand against, things get interesting." Read the entire piece here.



There is also an interview with longtime former political operative Mark Penn, now head of MDC Partners and Stagwell Group, which can be found here.

For more on the new series, go here.

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