Chevrolet Launches TikTok Channel, Partners With Country-Trap Musician

Chevrolet is releasing a rebooted music video of the hit song “My Truck” on its new TikTok channel. 

The General Motors brand partnered with country-trap singer/songwriter Breland, the artist behind the original single, which has garnered more than 175 million streams and 38 million video views. Trap is a sub-genre of hip hop.

The revamped song features lyrics highlighting the Chevy Trucks lineup, and the corresponding video features Silverado in a starring role.

Chevrolet is one of only a few automotive brands with a channel on TikTok and plans to reach new audiences through the platform, says Jennifer Hoffman, senior manager, Silverado marketing and advertising. Chevy is also the first automotive brand to partner with a TikTok artist, she says.



The plan is to "leverage this early-adopter status to establish authentic connections with a younger demographic,” Hoffman tells Marketing Daily.

TikTok is no longer just for Gen Z, she adds. Its "massive audience base is diverse in age and background."

Breland is known for shifting the boundaries placed around musical genres. His perspective and voice are “deeply aligned with what we feel makes Silverado special,” and his “passion for trucks is evident through his song,” Hoffman says.

While filming the music video, Chevrolet leveraged three distinct locations across Nashville, each paired with unique Chevrolet Silverado trims showcasing the variety of models available for all types of owners, she says.

Chevrolet has always taken pride in targeting and bringing young and diverse buyers into the brand, she adds.

Silverado ranked second, with 25.8% of share of the African-American market across the competition as of November 2020, according to Hoffman. Silverado is also the number one full-sized pickup in share, and the best-selling vehicle in 2020, among Hispanics. 


Time to pickup and get down with #Silverado and @breland . #MyTruck

My Chevy Truck - BRELAND
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