Engagement Labs, Dstillery Team To Target WOM Influencers

Social data and analytics firm Engagement Labs has announced a new alliance with Dstillery, a firm that uses AI modeling to develop custom audience segments for marketers.

According to the companies, the partnership will help marketers better target off-line word-of-mouth influencers.

Under the new agreement, the partners will integrate proprietary data about off-line WOM communications from the Engagement Labs analytics platform with Dstillery’s AI-based anonymous consumer database.

With that, integrated data marketers will be able to target WOM influencers as a complement to their social-media analytics. That capability has been lacking up to now, the companies say.

The capability can be applied to range of verticals, including CPG brands in food, beverage and household products, as well as “highly considered” purchases in the technology, auto and financial-services sectors.

The enhanced audience targets will be available through Dstillery and programmatic ad platforms.

The new targets enable brands to “reach a vital segment of consumers who are already talking about their brand and category,” said Ed Keller, CEO Engagement Labs. It will enable them to “drive advocacy that will amplify their messages and accelerate sales.”





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