'Car Bibles' Relaunches To Include Edit Content

Car Bibles, a product-review site for auto enthusiasts, has been relaunched by owner Brookline Media Inc. and now features articles on a variety of car-related topics. 

The original content includes automotive adventure stories, DIY tips, vehicle sale information and product reviews, states Mike Spinelli, vice president of content for Brookline Media.  

Andrew Collins, previously the reviews editor at Jalopnik, is serving as editor-in-chief. Coverage will also be overseen by Brookline’s editorial director Patrick George.  

The writers include Chris Rosales, whose beat encompasses the automotive social scene and developments in technology.  

Kevin Williams will write about the strange noises heard in well-used cars, along with other subjects. Peter Nelson will cover challenges such as how to navigate the used car market and develop better driving techniques.  



“We’re focused on accessibility,” Collins states. “Buying and maintaining cars is a nebulous and intimidating process we want to demystify for people on a budget.” 

Collins adds that “having fun with cars doesn’t have to be an exclusive realm of the rich.” 

The site currently features an article by Rosales, titled, “The Aesthetic Pleasure Of Driving Is Hard To Beat.” Other articles are grouped under these headings: “Wrenching,” Buying,” “Driving” and “Hot Takes.” 

Readers can also subscribe to an email newsletter.  

Brookline, a North Equity company, also offers the auto and military brands The Drive, Task & Purpose and The War Zone.  

“Now more than ever, consumers are leaning into DIY and looking to get the most out of any purchase. Car Bibles will be the resource they need, and this approach perfectly complements the vehicle news and transportation coverage The Drive produces,” Spinelli states.


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