Presidents, First Ladies Team Up For Ad Council Campaign

Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter as well as First Ladies Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Rosalynn Carter are joining forces to encourage Americans to get vaccines in new PSAs that are part of the Ad Council’s and COVID Collaborative’s “It’s Up To You” campaign.

One of the spots (created by agency Group SJR) shows former Presidents Obama, Bush, Clinton and Carter, as well as the First Ladies, all discussing the moments they miss and are eager to get back to, such as Obama wishing to hug Michelle’s mom again.

Another spot (created by Pereira O’Dell) features Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton providing more factual information about the importance of COVID-19 vaccination, “reminding Americans that the life-saving vaccines will protect individuals and those they love.” The agency work was pro bono.

The spots end by directing viewers to visit to learn additional information and obtain more resources.

The release of the spots is timed to vaccines in the U.S. becoming more widely available.




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