Eggo's 'L'Eggometer': Helping Parents Cope With Family Pressures

Waffles as a remedy for parental stress?

That’s what Eggo is recommending based on social media learnings and consumer research showing that the morning after Daylight Savings Time is one of the highest-pressure daybreaks for parents.

The Kellogg brand says the one missing hour caused by the arrival of DST makes kids act cranky and, along with their folks, sleepy and disoriented.

Hence the launch of data-driven The L’Eggometer, and a giveaway of 100,000 waffles on March 14, with more giveaways to come, for a total of one million this year.

It’s an extension of the ongoing “L’Eggo With Eggo” brand platform.

As seen in this theatrical video dubbed “L’Eggo With Eggo Anthem,” daily stresses can range from a “toddler-sized tornado” caused by kids prepping their own breakfast to young ones lying about brushing their teeth.



“Mornings are hard as a parent,” Eggo marketing director Laura Newman tells Marketing Daily. “We monitored social sentiment and were really surprised to find out that parents are 40% less positive about breakfast when it involves their kids.”

Eggo aalso worked with The Behavioral Architects to conduct a week of ethnographic research with parents in Chicago and Houston.

“We spoke to a lot of parents. One of the really fascinating things about it was they really try to look for what they call coping strategies to help them diffuse the tension in the morning,” says Newman.

Based on insights gleaned from Google and Twitter—for example, on people searching for parenting tips or posts venting their stress—Eggo will release new data every Wednesday from The L’Eggometer.

The L’Eggometer will measure parents’ morning stress based on the level of weekly pressure (low, medium or high) they’re feeling. Then the information will be shared on a dedicated website and Eggo’s social accounts along with relevant content from fellow parents, “tips and tricks” to help diffuse household tension, recipes and the chance to win free waffles.

Celebrities Melissa Joan Hart, Shawn Johnson East and Mark Ingram II are helping to promote L’Eggo With Eggo.

Participating agencies are Leo Burnett, Digitas, Starcom, Haygarth and Weber Shandwick.

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