McKinney's New Food Trends Report

McKinney is out with a new food report that covers trends, marketer takeaways and interesting factoids.

For example, did you know that one-third of Americans would name a child after their favorite food in exchange for a lifetime supply of it? That could prove troublesome for some kids on the playground during their formative years, don’t you think?

Among the takeaways: Innovating against the climate crisis is big and just might help a brand’s standing with consumers. One example cited is Bacardi’s biodegradable spirits bottles. Packaging more broadly is expected to get an eco-friendly makeover in 2021 after a year of pandemic-induced focus on germ-free packaging, when environmental concerns were low on the priority list.

On the trends list: AI-driven technologies are beginning to drive food preferences and develop new food products. Increasingly, companies will use similar technology to personalize foods and identify new sources of nutrients. The study gives a shout-out to SmartPlate, a smart food-tracking device that leverages AI, food recognition technology and precise scales to help track micronutrients.



Food that helps optimize sleep is also cited as a trend to watch. No doubt the past year has been stress-filled with countless hours of lost sleep for many. Goodnight’s before-bed bites, which contain L-theanine, magnesium and casein protein, claim to be good for sleep.  

See more from the report here.


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