Fisher-Price Sees Possibilities In Hoses, Ironing Boards

Fisher-Price’s newest ad campaign is not featuring any of its own products but instead channeling a childlike enthusiasm to transform any product into a toy.

The “See Toys Everywhere” creative, developed with Wieden+Kennedy, is designed to serve as a reminder that toys are in the eye of the beholder. The spot suggests an ironing board is a surfboard, the hose is a snake and the broom is a guitar. Here is a link.

“We are embracing the mindset of seeing the world through the eyes of a child and bringing play into everyday items, the way kids do,” explains Chuck Scothon, senior vice president-global head of infant preschool, Mattel.

In addition to the 30-second spot appearing on Instagram, the message is supported with a series of posts transforming everyday items, including a banana, into packaged toys. Here is a link.



“This program, along with all our social-media content, is parent-directed. While we also deliver kid-targeted content for other platforms, this effort is intended to be a reminder to parents that kids see the world differently,” says Scothon.

The campaign forms part of the multiyear “Let’s Be Kids” celebration that builds on the March 2020 Fisher-Price Home Collection program, which similarly transformed household items like egg cartons into pandemic distractions. This “overwhelmingly positive feedback encouraged us to remind parents of the power of play,” which is at the heart of the Fisher-Price brand, says Scothon.

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